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We might not be able to change the world, but if we can change one person’s world every single day this is how we make a lasting impact.


Welcome to South City Brokers. We’re a boutique Perth financial planning firm founded to make a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives and financial future.

When you step into our office for the first time, we understand you might be feeling worried about your financial situation. We’re sure you have many questions, concerns and goals you want to discuss, and can assure you after your first meeting you’ll feel confident, in control and a massive sense of relief that everything is and will be okay and you have a plan.

After more than two decades in this business, we know planning for your financial future is one of the most gratifying gifts you can give to yourself (and it’s never too late to start). You might be in your 50s or 60s hoping to retire soon and not sure of the next steps, or in the early years of your career and family life.

Whatever brings you here, our team look forward to meeting with you, sharing a coffee together, and empowering you through all stages of your financial journey so you’re prepared for life’s good times and hard times.

Let’s help you plan for the road ahead. Your future self will thank you for it.

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When our director Steven Kerbel was a young man, he had a memorable encounter with a financial planner named Peter. A man impressive in stature, standing 6’8 tall, and reputation. Steven couldn’t remember exactly what Peter said to him, but he remembered how he made him feel. He knew if he could have this same profound impact on even a few people like this in his career, it would be a career worth having. And that is what Steven did, and his team continues to strive for each day.


Since launching in 2004, South City Brokers has built on this principal to provide quality long-term, inter-generational advice that puts our clients in the best position for their future.

Every aspect of our Perth financial planning business reflects this vision – even our logo, a collection of complete and unfinished circles representing the cyclical nature of life. We know life can be messy. We know sometimes things don’t go to plan. But if we keep going and pushing forward and working towards a common goal, everything comes together to form a perfectly, imperfect circle: a secure financial future.

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South City Brokers offers a wide range of financial planning services in Perth. We’re very proud to have our own Financial Planning License, which means greater independence and flexibility with how we do business and what we can recommend, offering you a seamless service and experience.



Financial planning helps you achieve what you really want in life. We start with a simple question: how can we help? and then we listen. We show you where you’re sitting now as well as decades down the line using special modelling software. We problem solve any issues on the spot, devise a strategy, and flag even the smallest money mistakes you’re making which could have a significant impact in the long run.



Life is uncertain, which is why it’s important to have appropriate insurances in place if your circumstances do change. This could include life, income protection and disability insurances and many more to safeguard you and your family’s future and ensure financial security. In the event of a claim, our team help you navigate this entire process.



Do you know if you’re in the right Super fund? Are you paying the right fees? Is your return right for you? Are your contributions correct? Is there going to be enough to retire? We can assess how your Super is looking and provide comparisons with other funds to find the most suitable option to maximise returns for the very best retirement. 



Not all investments are equal and what might work for one person might not be right for you. This is why we want to help you make good investment decisions that make sense. We’re here to cast a second set of eyes over the details, assess the risk and advise what this means before tax and after tax. A great option for new and seasoned investors.



Self-managed Super Funds (SMSF) are an attractive choice for those that would like a greater sense of autonomy over their wealth, or to access funds to purchase property for their business. If this is something you’re considering, we can explain how it works, whether this is the right decision, and the steps to transition to a SMSF.


Looking to manage your debt more effectively? Our team can take a look at your debt and advise ways to reduce this quicker. We cover everything from money mindset and behavioural changes through to budgeting. It gives us immense fulfilment being able to take away some of this stress and struggle, and come up with a plan that works.



A tax planning session is a wise move before end of financial year to better understand your numbers and action any things you need to before EOFY. We help individuals as well as businesses in this area, providing education and support to ensure you’re best prepared before booking an appointment with your accountant.



Grief and loss are life’s most challenging experiences. When you’re no longer around you’ll want to ensure your affairs are in order to make things a little easier for loved ones left behind. Our team run you through the financial side of estate planning and provide our recommendations before referring you to lawyers we trust to take care of drafting/updating your Will.



Lining up in Centrelink and filling in forms can be overwhelming at the best of times, especially for pensioners. We’re able to streamline this whole process for our clients to make this a stress-free experience. We do this via an online portal that enables us to act on your behalf, correspond, fill in forms, and upload documents.



There are many stages in life where you might need financial guidance when purchasing or selling property. We help individuals, families and businesses through the process of buying their first home or commercial building, managing investments and more. These are big financial decisions that deserve a second opinion.



Retirement is a massive life milestone. We help you effectively plan for your retirement so you can do this at the right time to maximise the outcome, maintain the lifestyle you love, go on the bucket list trips, and enjoy quality time with those that matter most. We help you plan for the next chapter, covering all bases including your home, Super, Centrelink, estate, family dynamics and more.



Are you or is someone in your family considering moving into an aged care home or facility? It’s a big decision with many variables to consider for all members of the family. Our team run through every detail to work out the best possible solution for your individual situation and then we help put this plan into action.

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Imagine how at peace you’re going to feel when you’re finally in control of your finances. Your journey with us will see you gain a deep understanding of budgeting, cash flow, forecasting, and other essential principles to help you become a confident steward of your financial affairs. We partner with you on your path to empowerment, giving you practical strategies, tools and actionable insights to achieve your goals.  


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Meet Steven, our fearless founder and financial planner who aims to leave a lasting impression on everyone he crosses paths with in life. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of his work and a reason why Steven has cultivated genuine life-long connections with his client base, approaching every meeting, phone call, email and text message with a high level of care and dedication. He has more than two decades of experience in Life Insurance, TPD, IP claims and retirement planning, and considers himself a “rainy day adviser” preparing clients for life's unforeseen challenges. Steven often compares life to climbing mountains. Where there is an up, there must be a down, and having summited Kilimanjaro safely and surviving a near death experience on Mount Elbrus, Steven knows life doesn't always go to plan. This served as a remarkable lesson that the worst of times can often be the best of times. Outside of work, Steven enjoys quality time with his beautiful wife and four children, hiking, dominating social poker, and immersing himself in a good book.



Anish is an accomplished financial planner who gets great fulfilment from helping his clients steer their financial ship towards brighter horizons. With a genuine passion for guiding clients towards proactive financial decisions, Anish is your partner in seizing control of your financial future. Beyond the numbers, you'll often find him leading engaging monthly workshops, sparking insightful conversations, and on occasion sharing his financial tips on the airwaves. When Anish is not immersed in the world of finance, he unwinds by grooving to his favourite tunes, exploring new places on day trips, and embracing every new adventure life throws his way.

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Suzanne is our administration powerhouse who plays a crucial role ensuring our office runs smoothly. She works diligently behind the scenes, updating policy summaries, following up on policy amendments, and maintaining filing systems and general office admin. Suzanne's journey into the finance industry was motivated by her love for helping people, which she gets to do daily in her dealings with insurance companies, knowing her efforts directly contribute to helping clients through life’s most challenging moments. Beyond the office, Suzanne cherishes her role as a mother to her two children, Felix and Ruby. Her family have lived both here in Perth as well as overseas in Vancouver and Montreal for eight years, which has been utterly enriching immersing her family in different cultures and corners of the world.



Brooke is our exceptional Practice Manager and the smiling face who will greet you when you arrive for your appointment. A master of multitasking, Brooke’s busy role involves helping address clients' Insurance and Super queries, reconciling accounts, ensuring prompt bill payments and more. She loves the fast-paced environment and ever-changing nature of finance. Before entering this industry, Brooke worked in payroll, bookkeeping, and HR at a day spa. What she loves most about her role is guiding clients through challenges and offering reassurance every step of the way. Outside of work, Brooke is a devoted mother to her two children, and is quite the adventurer who loves exploring new places in our great State and discovering hidden gems in Perth for weekend walks.

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Louise has an unwavering passion for empowering individuals to be competent custodians of their financial affairs, especially during life-altering events that unexpectedly thrust them into the responsibility of managing their finances, a task they may find uncomfortable, overwhelmed or unfamiliar with.  It gives Louise inner fulfilment being able to guide individuals through this process and take money worries off their plate to create space for them to focus on their emotional healing. Louise’s journey in finance began with a B.Comm and a Diploma in Financial Planning, and a career that has spanned 30 years across Citibank, Deloitte and Touche, and more. Louise firmly believes that financial literacy and understanding are crucial tools for everyone and is dedicated to imparting these skill sets to others. She loves meticulously analysing her clients' financial situation, ensuring their assets are optimally structured and they have a budget to achieve their goals. The ability to witness her clients’ life changes and financial growth brings her great pride. Out of hours, Louise's interests and hobbies are as diverse as her experience. As a Mum, divorcee, immigrant, author, entrepreneur, fitness lover and world traveller, she wears many hats, and her wellies, trainers and high heels with equal joy. 



Gail has been part of our South City Brokers family for close to a decade and part of our founder Steven Kerbel’s family since the very beginning. Gail is Steven’s loving mum, who is integral to the team, remotely liaising with claimants, ensuring claims are submitted and settled for our clients in a timely fashion so they can access support when they need it most. Gail brings an impressive 55 years of experience to her role, approaching every individual claim with utmost dedication. She says one of her proudest moments in life has been witnessing Steve and Anish build the South City Brokers business from the ground up, gain a high level of respect within the industry, change lives, all while establishing a beautiful culture of care for their staff and clients. Outside of the office, Gail adores spending time with her family, children and grandchildren.

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S. M. – Plumber

We have been associated with Steve Kerbel and South City Brokers for over 15 years. Steve Kerbel and his team have worked tirelessly to find us the best possible insurance and superannuation funds. They have always conducted themselves in the most professional manner.
I would recommend them to anyone striving for a better financial future.

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Let’s build a financial future you’re proud of.

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